Partner schools 

At a glance:

Our partner school „Kalungu mixed Primary School“ is located in Kalungu, in the Southeast of Uganda.

It is split into a girls’ and a boys’ school. The primary school is attended by over 1000 pupils, distributed between grades 1-7, each class accommodating over 100 children.

Our German partner school is in Montabaur (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany).

It is a grammar school providing a special focus on music (one of only a handful in the whole of Germany). The music school is attended by approximately 430 pupils, 90 of who board.

However, at the school one of the main focuses – apart from music – is social responsibility: all children are encouraged to take action helping those in need.  

Through direct contact via letters or Skype as well as personal exchanges, pupils of both schools can become acquainted and learn about each other’s culture.

Every event, such as summer fêtes, charity concerts etc. is utilized to collect donations from visitors by selling food and drink or simply by playing music in different ensembles and orchestras.

Our school partnership is a financial as well as a social one!


The financed projects to date:


Our first accomplished projects:

-Purchase of 140 geometry sets 

-Acquisition of 2 computers and printers for the compilation and multiplication of school materials

Future projects:

-Extension of library and acquisition of storybooks and school books including shelves.

-Electricity for all new buildings

-Extension of the boarding school

-Completion of new washrooms

-Financing of school material for the poorest 250 children

-Financing of school fees for one of the best secondary schools for 2 gifted children

-Solutions for providing further education possibilities for graduates

-Introduction of regular „Health Days“