Commitment to sponsorship means the following:

With a monthly donation of 15 Euro a specifically needy child will receive the chance to attend school. School fees as well as materials and school clothing will be paid for on a regular basis.  

We mainly choose orphaned children (full or half orphans) since they are very often deprived with no chance of any kind of education.

These sponsored children will attend state schools, also looked after by us making sure that these children receive a sound education.

Since school fees including all other school expenses add up to about 7 Euro per month, we keep an „account“ for each child saving the rest of the sum. The reason for this complicated accounting being that we will be able to pay for desperately needed items at any time should the child or its family be in need and also enable the child to attend secondary education after finishing the first seven years. 

In such a case we will select a very good secondary school so the child will receive an effective education and a realistic chance of finding a secure job.

School fees for those secondary schools exceed 15 Euro per month. Through the above mentioned saving measures taken during primary school time these fees can be covered without having to increase your contribution.

Hereby we can offer effective education for the poorest children - without a doubt one of the prerequisites for a future away from poverty – with the help of your sponsorship. 

Naturally, we also support cultural exchange and can facilitate the introduction of the German sponsor parents and Ugandan children via letters and emails (the children are able to use the computers of our partner school). 

Become a sponsor parent and support a child!

You can easily download our form, fill it in and send it back. We will select a child in need and supply you with a detailed description and a photo. 

Thank you!